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So the story is silent hill but thats whatever, I have no problem with games that take a story and switch it up a bit which this game does..but not in the right way. I dont want to go in depth into everything because the game follows a basic format. Enter zone, do puzzle, leave zone.

The puzzles are veryyy hit or miss. Two of the puzzles were pretty interesting involving things like riddles and sound ques to know when you are moving to a new area, a bit of critical thinking, and a bit of clue deciphering. Other puzzles are things like: find a key on the fucking ground, find a piece of paper, find a couple of pictures while an enemy follows you (The slow moving 1 shot enemy cliche is getting soooo old) . Its just really odd how there's such a big difference between the puzzles.

My two biggest complaints and by big I mean HUGE complaints are the flashlight and the perspective. The flashlight moves and sways without you moving. So basically throughout the game your flashlight is always doing a figure 8 motion and you have to move your mouse to try to compensate for the position of the light. The perspective in this game is amazingly odd. A bit of info for those who dont know, an average door is 6 foot 8 inches. Throughout the game you will either be half the height of the door or taller than things like ferris wheel gondolas which vary but on average have an 7 foot opening, so that means your character is either in a parallel dimension or they switch between 3 feet and 9 feet tall. And dont tell me its a dream, fuck that.

At the end of the day its not a terrible game and I know it was made within 48 (24?) hours which I have no problem with but given how short it is it really doesnt deserve the 5$ price tag.

Neat stuff! Felt very Silent Hill inspired and had some really nicely done moments.

Loved this game! It is Horrifying! Truly horrific, scared me good! Need to get past chapter 3 still but will soon. Thanks for the experience!

I really like this game! really scary atmosphere! but it hurt my head so bad.

This game has everything you need in a good horror game! Its tricky at the start but I'm planning to get past it and make more videos. Great work Dave! Voted for you on Greenlight!

be sure to download the last version of the game! Right now the game is easyer than before, i've corrected some bugs and fix some gameplay problems! I can't wait for your next video and your feedback! Thank you for the support! :)

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Thank you, I'm really enjoyed to play this game.

You can check out my video

Thank you! :)


Unfortunately the full playthrough's audio got completely fucked up so I'm extremely disappointed to not be able to upload it. I was able to salvage 4 hilarious jumpscares though. Enjoy, and sorry :(

Thanks! :D