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Neat stuff! Felt very Silent Hill inspired and had some really nicely done moments.

Loved this game! It is Horrifying! Truly horrific, scared me good! Need to get past chapter 3 still but will soon. Thanks for the experience!

I really like this game! really scary atmosphere! but it hurt my head so bad.

This game has everything you need in a good horror game! Its tricky at the start but I'm planning to get past it and make more videos. Great work Dave! Voted for you on Greenlight!

be sure to download the last version of the game! Right now the game is easyer than before, i've corrected some bugs and fix some gameplay problems! I can't wait for your next video and your feedback! Thank you for the support! :)

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Thank you, I'm really enjoyed to play this game.

You can check out my video

Thank you! :)


Unfortunately the full playthrough's audio got completely fucked up so I'm extremely disappointed to not be able to upload it. I was able to salvage 4 hilarious jumpscares though. Enjoy, and sorry :(

Thanks! :D